JSDC President/JSDC Tokyo Instructor


Yoshi Yano had been living in NY for 23 years. As a member of American Ballroom Theater, the only ballroom dance company in the States, he had performed in the States, Japan and Europe as a part of various NY dance teams and musical troupes.


After teaching New Yorkers from all around the world the fun of social dance for 9 years, he moved to Tokyo and opend JSDC Tokyo in 2003. He also organizes annual workshops in Japan to introduce American ballroom dance culture.


Yukimichi has been in Jazz dancing field for 7 years. He has much experience in performing on stage and TV (drama, CM) and is an involved Japan Social Dance Theater member, performing at JSDC parties and events since 2005. He also plays a part in our forthcoming lesson DVD.  


Placed 7th in Tango Dance Asian Championship 2016 (Stage Tango).

Yukimichi Ogura


Eiichi studied Jazz under Miki Shimizu and Kenji Nakao.


Has performed in many stage shows in theme parks, and currently casted in many musicals, TV programs, TV commercial, and promotional video.


 Miku started classical ballet at the age of 4 at Tachibana Shizuko Ballet Studio.


She studied abroad in the United States for 10 years from the age of 15 to 25. She studies a wide range of genres of dance, including ballet, contemporary, hip hop and jazz, at Northfield Mount Hermon School. She then got her dance scholarship and she enrolled in the University of Massachusetts. She double-majored in accounting and dance.


After she returned to Japan, she learned American style, Argentine tango from Yoshi Yano and Yukimichi Ogura at JSDC Tokyo.


She holds FJTA (Japan-Argentina Tango Federation) certified follower qualification. In February 2018, she was certified as an Argentine Tango Therapist by the Japan Argentine Tango Association. She also works as an assistant in dance lessons and workshops, and as an interpreter for foreign artists.


From September 2019, she is a dance instructor at JSDC Tokyo and off-campus workshops.


Kumiko started ballroom dance when she was working for dance maker "Chacott", and decided to turn pro.


She is in charge of senior classes (targeted over 60 years old) in JSDC.


※Japan ballroom dance league professional dance teacher Grade 1.


Yumiko started Jazz and Tap when she was 11. She learned acting, vocal music, ballet, contemporary, "Nichibu" classic Japanese dance, and spanish dance in high school and college. After graduation, she was casted in multiple stage shows in huge theme parks.


She currently performs in NHK concerts and other theater dance shows and events. She learned American pair dance in JSDC, and now a very popular instructor


Jose learned West Coast Swing since 1998 in LA. Came to Japan in 2003, studied WCS under Mineo Yamada.



Koji learned vocal methods, acting, singing, western style dance, classical Japanese dance, and theatrical combat (swordfight) at an acting school. After graduating Fukuoka University, he studied dance in NY. While going to a number of Broadway musicals, he took lessons at Alvin Ailey Dance School (modern dance) and Broadway Dance Center (jazz dance and stage dance).


He was an American style social dance student at JSDC Tokyo from 2004. He has performed and choreographed many TV commercials, theatrical shows and dance shows.

Keiko Zaizen