Private Lessons

Private lessons may be taken individually or as a couple and are tailored to your individual needs.  They help you progress faster and learn the dances more thoroughly.  Lessons are offered as 25 or 50 minute sessions and scheduled with one of our instructors.

Private Lesson Fees

1 Person 40min. 5,700yen n/a
1 Person 55 min. 7,300yen n/a
1 person 40min,  X  10-lesson Ticket  53,000yen 1 year
1 person 55min,  X  10-lesson Ticket  68,900yen 1 year
Pair 40min. 6,500yen n/a
Pair 55min. 8,900yen n/a
pair 40min,        X   10-Lesson ticket   60,800yen 1 year
pair 55min,        X   10-Lesson ticket   83,400yen 1 year



1 Person 40 min,                                                             6,700yen             n/a

1 person 55min,                                                              8,800yen             n/a

1 person 40min,  X  10-lesson Ticket                                 63,300yen,          2year

1 person 55min,  X  10-lesson Ticket                                 97,300yen,          2year

pair 40min,                                                                      7,600yen,            n/a

pair 55min,                                                                      10,400yen,          n/a

pair 40min,        X   10-Lesson ticket                                  70,700yen,          2year

pair 55min,        X   10-Lesson ticket                                  97,300yen,          2year



1 Person 40min,                                                              6,000yen             n/a

1 person 55min,                                                              7,800yen             n/a

1 person 40min,  X  10-lesson Ticket                                 56,600yen,          1year

1 person 55min,  X  10-lesson Ticket                                 73,500yen,          1year

pair 40min,                                                                      6,900yen,            n/a

pair 55min,                                                                      9,500yen,            n/a

pair 40min,        X   10-Lesson ticket                                  64,900yen,          1year

pair 55min,        X   10-Lesson ticket                                  89,000yen,          1year


Need a Lesson Partner?

JSDC staff is available as your dance partner for your private lesson.

  • 1,500yen/lesson in addition to any private lesson fee